Thursday, February 7, 2013


It is official I am running for Mayor for the City of Guthrie. The filing period closed yesterday at 5:00 pm (CST) and I will have an opponent for the race. I want to thank the many people that have already expressed there support for me and have already committed to my voting on my behalf on April 2, 2013. So my work colleagues keep giving me a hard time that I should use the campaign slogan "Ayers Cares" for Guthrie, Oklahoma...... Let me know what you think seems cheesy but catchy in the end.

As always I look forward to serving this amazing community. As you more than likely heard by now we have released some great news and it my intention to keep the gas pedal down as we move forward with wonderful city!!!

I look forward once again to serve this great community and with your support and your Vote I believe we can accomplish even more in the future.

Thanks for your support I look forward to seeing you at the polls.

Trey Ayers
Vice Mayor Ward I City of Guthrie Oklahoma

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

City of Guthrie Victorian Walk

Good afternoon to the City of Guthrie,

Just dropping a quick note and reminder that if you did not get a chance to walk the Merry Streets of Guthrie last weekend you still have a chance this weekend. The Victorian Walk a Guthrie, Oklahoma tradition will be in full motion this weekend downtown. Make sure to visit all the blocks as the many stores are celebrating this wonderful time of year. Please find attached this link to the Chamber for more information regarding this festivities downtown 

Thanks for supporting our downtown and the many merchants that serve our amazing community.

Trey Ayers
Councilman/Vice Mayor Ward I

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Running For Mayor 2013

Good afternoon Guthrie,

After serving this amazing City for six years as the Representative for Ward 1 and serving as the Vice Mayor for the City of Guthrie I have decided to run for the office of Mayor during the 2013 elections to be held in April. I am truly humbled to be part of such an amazing community as well being excited about the future for our City. As we move forward on projects, I anticipate various challenges will  present themselves along the way however; I will continue to work for the benefit of our citizens that we serve directly and in-directly.

Thank you to the many supporters of our great City this truly is a special place and I am glad to call Guthrie my home.

Yours Truly,

Trey Ayers

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 17th, 2012 Council Meeting / 89er Weekend

Good Morning Guthrie,

I want to start off by thanking the various neighborhood groups that have recently formed in our community and the many citizens that make up these associations. When I first started on the Council this was an area that I felt was in need of development in our community and it is great to see wonderful caring citizens getting involved in their respective areas within the City. The ability to have these groups formed both invigorates ideas as well as help's steer the governing body of the City to give solid direction to want is wanted and needed within our communities across the City of Guthrie. Thank you to all the various individuals that help in this involvement as you are very much appreciated for your efforts and long term commitment to this wonderful community.

On a another quick note this weekend is 89er Weekend where we celebrate our rich history as well as looking to our continued future. Thanks for all the volunteers and City staff that help put on this amazing week of festivities in our City. In addition, to all the citizens get out there and enjoy this week of fun and the great weather.

Trey Ayers
Ward I
Vice Mayor

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 7th, 2012 City Meeting

Good afternoon from Guthrie....

I wanted to drop a few highlights of last nights Council Meeting as we had a very large crowd at City Hall last night.

1. Consider approval to authorize Library Staff to implement the Exercise for Fines
Program for three months (8 February 2012 – 30 April 2012)-Approved. I want to take time to thank our Library Staff as they have developed this clever program to clear outstanding fines through the get fit for fines program. Great idea I look forward to the response so get out there and exercise away those pesky fines.

2.  Public Hearing and consider approval of a request by David Merritt, owner of Prairie Wolf
Spirits, LLC, for a Special Use Permit to establish a Distillery in the Central Business District
at 124 East Oklahoma- Approved. Mr. Merritt made a statement that I think is so very important last night as I paraphrase Mr. Merritt stated the primary reason for their decision to choose Guthrie for there new start up business was the warm welcome and the ease of dealing with the City in getting a new business started. I believe this is the true mindset we must have as we continue to attract new business into the City and to continue to foster relationships which are already established business currently operating here. Thanks to the Merritt family but more importantly thank to all the existing business that make Guthrie home!

3.Consider approval of Ordinance No. 3226 amending Article 5, Section 10‐7 of Ordinance
2422 of the Guthrie Code of Ordinances providing for restrictions for off‐street parking
within the Guthrie City limits-Tabled. Well this item was set for another review and was the impetus for the large crowd. The City is dealing with trying to make the most fair and equitable scenario possible. More importantly that the citizens took there time to come visit the meeting and express there opinions for and against. This is why we do this job on behalf of each and every one of you and it is always important to hear all viewpoints not only in the Council Chambers but in life.

Thank you once again for letting me serve this great community.... Maybe one day I will run for Mayor??? I have always wanted to wear this outfit.

Trey Ayers
Ward 1 City of Guthrie, Vice Mayor 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Starting of the New Year

Good morning Guthrie, well I will try my hand back at my blog as I have been absent from posting for about a year and much has happened. This weekend the City Council will be holding it's annual retreat where we will vacation in the luxurious conference room at City Hall and set forth what we will feel are the priority focuses for the City this year. I encourage our citizens to either visit the cities face book page or webpage and contribute your thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see happen in your community over this 2012 year. Here is one thing on my mind for this year "I would like to see the City start to work with the neighbored solutions and local community groups as wells as the parks board in order to develop a master plan of developing the community streets as lined out in the strategic plan. I believe this action will ensure the history and values our historic homes districts and other areas and to develop a strong sense of community atmosphere. This can only occur with the planning departments help and all parties looking for grants and various sources of funding to make this happen. Some examples would be to develop round-a-bouts on large street intersections, historic lighting in conjunction with OG&E in neighborhoods.
In addition, the development of our shared parks into areas that develop strong community involvement i.e. dog parks, community farms, recreation/ and social event center within our parks or other designated areas.  Action this year to clean up and improve the parks and develop a master plan for the City regarding these type projects." Wow am I a dreamer or what......However; these are the exact projects that this great City needs and I believe warrants for our citizens. It will take community support and funding to make projects like this happen but I look forward one day to cutting the ribbon on these projects and opening the doors for the community to take part in. Share your thoughts and ideas we can never have to many....


Friday, February 4, 2011

Running Again

Where has time gone this last four years......? I have been honored to serve this great city and my Ward for the last few years. The City has accomplished many things during this time and more great things are to come. I have enjoyed every moment of my time with the city and the staff along with the many friends in the community that have helped guide and inspire me with your thoughts, concerns, and expectations for our community. I have given some long consideration as to run again for another term representing Ward 1 for the City of Guthrie. I have chosen to run for a second term as I am so excited to continue the hard work and plans for the future of this amazing city and the people that proudly call Guthrie home. Thank you for your support and I look for your continued backing as I look to better this community even more in the future. I have a wonderful friend that always states "The best is yet to come" so true as the best is truly yet to come for the City of Guthrie.

Tre' Ayers